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Exponential Innovation

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Techniques and tools to guide exponential innovation.

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Project based learning and collective intelligence.​

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Support for the development of innovation and StartUp

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Network for the dissemination of innovation projects.

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Exponential Innovation

The meaning of innovation goes beyond the creation of knowledge
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The Practice of Innovation requires work techniques and digital resources to optimize the production of ideas and ensure a workflow that leads efficiently to results.

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For professionals who want to develop innovation projects.

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Team projects

Focusing the effort on a relevant project for your organization.

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Innex certification

Certificate designed by the UPC and managed by Onsanity

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Application of techniques from the fields of design, technology and business

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Hybrid training

Semi-presential, interactive, and with face-to-face workshops

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We make innovative ideas a reality

A team of professionals with the enthusiasm and effort put into an innovation project needs the right tools and strategies at every stage of design and development.
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The organization must create its own culture of innovation and develop a systemic vision that inspires practical action, both individual and collective.

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Flexible innovation process that adapts to each project according to its parameters. To guarantee the efficiency of the resources invested and the effectiveness of the results.

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Model technical systems, provide platforms for participation, project management, users, content and data, depending on each project.

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Sharing innovation, multiplying testing and implementation of projects through an open innovation network to disseminate the challenges achieved.

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Eng. Josep Mª Monguet​ (PhD)


Professor-Researcher at UPC​

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Eng. Alex Trejo


Onsanity Solutions CEO & Associate Professor at UPC​

Arq. Michelle Catta-Preta


UPC Researcher​

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