Contactless Delivery: control your safety

Everybody can have their own parcel lockers at home


For the contactless delivery service model, the existing methods include: parcel lockers, drone delivery, self-driving vehicles, delivery robot. For the three contactless delivery service models of drone delivery, self-driving vehicles, and delivery robot, they need more mature technology to spread it into the lives of more users. So here I am going to talk about more optimized and intelligent parcel lockers.

In the next 5 years, the most likely contactless delivery service model to achieve full universality is parcel locker, but the existing parcel lockers are basically built in densely populated areas such as supermarkets, subway stations and communities (several nearby residential buildings). This service model can bring a certain convenience, but there are still some drawbacks. For example, there are no parcel lockers around some users' home.

Therefore, this personal parcel lockers will greatly enhance the user experience if every user has a parcel locker at their home.


STEP 1: The logistics companies create a logistics cooperation network. For example, not setting up parcel lockers of different brands, but establishing a cooperative mechanism- a collaborative parcel locker, which can be used by all logistics companies. For logistics respective market share, they can divide the market share according to the number of shares held by this cooperation model.

STEP 2: Logistics companies, governments and users collaborate to build these personal parcel lockers. For example, establish a personal parcel locker at the door of the user's house, the user contributes 20%, the government subsidizes 30%, and the logistics company invests 50%.

STEP 3: What I envision is: users can open a parcel locker similar to a double door strongbox on the wall next to the door, but more intelligent. The rider scans the correct code to open the parcel locker at the outside door. Users can check the new notification of the parcel lockers at home to see if new packages, and then open the door of the parcel locker inside to pick up their packages/Takeout.



My persona can be everyone, but due to this is a new service model, young people may accept it fastest. I believe this service mode will be popular among office workers, students, middle-aged people and other users. In fact, this method is more convenient for elders, because they probably don't know which cabinet contained their packages and they don't know whether the parcel locker location is correct when they go to some parcel lockers. However, personal home parcel locker will greatly enhance user experience.

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