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Find a new house, flat, apartment, or any kind of housing that we can call "home" it's a new experience. Filled with a lot of excitement and expectations of a new stage in our lives, but this has a preview step: the search for this new place. We will look on every online site for possible options, but even if we find a good option, it's necessary to schedule a meeting with the owner and try to save a spot in our busy agenda. We will spend a lot of time visiting every single place, even if we weren't sure from the beginning if some of those places were what we were looking for, but we wanted to be sure, some of them look "cool" in the photos. In the end, we will find our perfect place, but still, we spent a lot of time, some places were smaller than in the photos, others doesn't have our desire style. Wouldn't be great if we were able to reduce the number of visits? Or maybe don't visit any place at all?

We want to offer an option that allows users to visit housing opportunities from the comfort of their homes. Physical visits during the scouting of a new living place is an investment of time and resources. We want to optimize this. Maybe you don't have the time to visit every single place, or you are looking for something in a different city or country, or you're just lazy and you prefer to do all the work from your sofa. This will help you to discard options and only visit places that really caught your attention, ending up in money and time-saving.



Providing a service that allows users to do online visits through 3D technology options that fit into their style. With a website and app, owners will be able to upload the 3D model of their hosing options, forming part of a database where users can access to make the online visits. Want to have a complete immersive tour? Take your pair of VR glasses, it doesn't matter if you use your phone with a cardboard VR set or your fancy Occulus Rift set, you will be able to access the service. Aren't you still into VR? Try the 3D visualizer, that allows you to navigate using the 360° sensor of your phone, or just move around with traditional interphase using your screen to move around.



An average American moves 11.7 times in their life, and just in USA, 31 million people moved to a new place. This phenomenon replicates similar in almost every country in the world, meaning that at some point, these users will pass through the scouting process of finding a new home. Although, not all of them are potential for VR services due to the technological gap. Core/early adopters users of the service will be young adults to middle-age adults, from 18 to 30 years, looking for something to rent. As a secondary market, but potentially bigger than the first one, adults from 30 to 45 years, who are also looking for rental options, but due to the acquisitive power, also buying.

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