The Wonderer Project

Your home is where your soul is

Suppose that the future of the workplace is nomadic and remote.

The employee will need a product/experience to help them perform their job duties.

What would be the challenge?

Can we design a product/experience that would make the working process more agile allowing movement and making it more enjoyable?

What about the experiment?

A product that remotely assists the employee and connects directly with the team.

Lean Prototype

Let's imagine an aesthetically neutral pocket product (Wonderer) that assists workers and learns from their routines and projects.

This object must also connect with the different work teams of the people. A product must be developed and tested by different work teams that currently work remotely. We can also test it with freelancers (Nomadic).

Agile Market

Nomadic / Wanderer must be designed and produced with the ergonomics and comfort of the worker's needs. The programming must be thought about comfortable assistance and connection for the user.


Wanderer is a product that allows the user to connect remotely with their work teams. Learn from past projects and allow a new way of working in relation to companies. It helps the worker feel more comfortable and happy.

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