Take back control. Effortlessly.


In the era of information deluge and amount of stimulus human struggle to process, in the era of technology that steals our attention and companies that care more about advertisers' interest than users' well-being, we would like to announce the arrival of a new era - the era of humane technology. The new technology that is ethical, that helps you save your time and focus on what is really important for you, that takes care of your mental health, and take into consideration how it influences societies and the environment. We are only humans. And we want to have technology that is adjusted to our possibilities and fits our needs. We know that. That's why we created a mobile launcher that makes use of all achievements of modern psychology, cognitive and social sciences and instantly helps you to take back control of your life. Effortlessly.


We would like to introduce a mobile launcher that in a matter of minutes transform your mobile phone from a false friend to your real friend :)

Main features:

Plan your routine: most of the available on market apps for well-being lock some "dangerous apps" of your choice for a certain amount of time. This is easy to fool and requires making a lot of responsible decisions. Instead, we propose you to plan your daily routine hour by hour and your phone will only unlock apps needed to accomplish your routine activities for a planned amount of time during the planned time of a day. Your phone will make you follow your desired routine effortlessly, saving your strong will for other challenges of the day! You will not cheat it!

Minimalistic look: Have you ever wanted to check just one thing on your phone, unlock it.. and woke up 30 minutes later scrolling Instagram and already not remembering what was your primary intention? This feature should help. Enjoy the non-distractive, neutral new appearance of your Android device.

Night mode: Seeing screen light produces a physiological response that influences among others your circadian rhythm. During night hours screen will be asleep, leaving only voice commands available to perform some simple actions like setting alarm. It will encourage you that using your mobile is not how you start neither finish your day.

Leave me in another room: Research showed that even when you succeed in avoiding the temptation to check your phone—the mere presence of the devices still reduces your cognitive capacity. Leave your phone in the other room and work without distractions. If something really important happens, like your mum is calling, don't worry, you will hear it with extra loudness!

Dopamine detox: If you waste a lot of time on some mobile apps, have problems with focusing on your goals, recently experienced anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, feel strongly dependent on you mobile phone, or just would like to check if you have a problem with addiction to your smartphone turn on 2-weeks dopamine detox mode that locks almost all function of your phone turning it into phone straight from 90'. Watch why should you do a dopamine detox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxHYdg-pBWw

Those are just few of the features of DopDot

For whom?

For all people who feel they don't use their all potential but feel like they could get more from life. For people who noticed that too much technology harms them and their friends and comes with negative consequences to all humanity. For people who don't want to spend time with technology but want to use technology to save time for what is more important, because they know the best things in life don't happen online. For people who don't want to be sold as a product of big Internet chaebols. For people who want a change. For people.

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