Role-driven creativity


In current society, creativity is the most important skill.

Today, basically anything that can be automated has been automated or soon will be automated, which cuts down on a lot of process-orientated tasks. As AI continues to become a bigger part of this world, process-driven jobs are becoming even more obsolete. If people want to “future-proof” their career, there’s no better approach than focusing on thinking more creatively.

With digital technology development and pandemic, there are many collaborative platforms for the innovative team to work online. But the majority of them focus on the serious work process.

Therefore, I wanna design a leisure & creative tool that helps the innovative team to gain inspiration, teamwork ability, fun, and unexpected creativity in the creative process.


In my tool, there are four main components:

An innovative network:

I may design an innovative network in my tool that encourages users to compose new scripts. Other players can vote for the scripts that they like and the winning writer can get rewards. On the one hand, my game system will collect more stories/ scripts via collective intelligence. On the other hand, users can play the personalized scripts that they composed.

Basic story/scripts ideas:

① Role

The story contains several roles in a business context, but these roles will have various personalities. Players will get role cards different from their identities, and then maximize the performance of the roles. There may be one or two players who will get the roles the same as their real identities, but they may hide.

② Business context

The system will match similar topics based on the user's keywords. The game process is: players need to complete the life cycle of the topic provided by the system and then push it to the market.

③ Evaluation

The system will collect the ideas generated during the game. Players need to vote for the players who hide their identities.


In my first expectation, I prepare to design for one innovative team (Client, user and designer).

So, the stories/scripts will focus on the business context.

In my second expectation, I am gonna design for any innovative team, but it is not easy. Because I need create more scripts in my game system and know more user groups, even more professional artificial intelligence. Therefore, this expectation is the long-term goal.

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