Reusing of Covid-19 face masks


Based on fact and figures addressed to massive numbers of discarded and abandoned surgical masks after once usage in the nature around the world which has many harmful effects for both nature and human lives. Therefore, proposing one effective collection service in order to collect discarded masks from consumers and also applying one efficient disinfection methods to find a way for taking advantage of this kind of wastes in order to reuse them for architectural constructions would make sense. Consequently, the anticipation of this project would be environmental pollution reduction by collecting discarded surgical masks from both consumers and nature, and at the same time creating an affordable architectural construction with human centre approach.



Considering the main need of homelessness living in the street which is firstly a safe and a secure place and then a real home for living, in this project, it is aimed to approach the primary need of these target users which is a safe and secure place for their living specifically in Barcelona city that has owned more than 2500 proven cases up to now (only those homeless that cannot reach to public co-housing centers that has established in Barcelona and they are staying in the street more than 5 years in some cases) by municipality report.

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