Reduce social media addiction

Create an app could lock social media for curtain time


Social media use becomes problematic when someone views social networking sites as an important coping mechanism to relieve stress, loneliness, or depression. For these people, social media use provides continuous rewards that they’re not receiving in real life, and end up engaging in the activity more and more. This continuous use eventually leads to multiple problems, such as wasting too much time on social media, lack of concentration, ignoring real life relationships, work or school responsibilities, and physical health.


User could put specific social media app in ZERO:

Plan 1: ZERO will control comment display through the system background, the comments and likes won't show in your App before 00:00 everyday.

Plan 2: ZERO will slow down the display speed of social media gradually on the basis of the time user used on social media, for example, when user cost 1 hour on instagram, ZERO will slow down the page rolling speed a little that the user can perceive, when user cost 2 hours, the speed will be lower till the App freeze.

Plan 3: Put a count down clock on the top of the App, so user could set a time to browse social media.


This project main goal is help users reduce the time on social media gradually, use coercive means to make users give up using social media App. This project could be used on users who already realized that they cost too much time on social media or they were manipulate by social media, they want to change the situation, want to reduce the addiction.

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