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COLINN is a Collaborative Innovation Network to join people around the world to work together.

The future is built in a more effective way when multiplying each individual's strength by integrating him to other's capabilities. New and enhanced products and services emerge and, with them, a new economic power.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many problems and enhanced crises in the political, economical, social and health systems.

Human beings have been confronting and surviving crises throughout history, caused by natural or human factors. Most part of the greatest inventions were triggered as an answer to some bigger problems (Hu, 2020) and many opportunities may be missed when working isolated.

Every crisis is also an opportunity.

Hopefully the current epidemic will help

humankind realize the acute danger posed

by global disunity. (Harari, 2020)

COLINN encourages collaboration by constantly presenting related projects as references and users who could join it. The network also offers many online work tools, innovation methodologies and consulting.

The platform is structured as a game. First, the user creates his avatar and profile. Then, he can start a new project or ask to join any existing one.

Each project is designed as a planet in a galaxy, which can grow and get enhanced according to the project's development level.

COLINN was designed for any person in the world who wants to have greater ideas. The interface is user-friendly and the system was conceived to connect minds and abilities all the time.

Users who participate in multiple projects get extra benefits and gadgets in the game. They conquer new planets with each concluded project, creating his own galaxy.

COLLIN is an wide space to open minds and expand universes.

In the mindmap below, you can check what are the COLINN's components and articulations.

Are you ready to optimize your processes, join forces and increase your ideas exponentially?

Please help us to improve our platform's development by answering this quick questionaire!

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