Party from your comfy sofa

As an idea of comfort party is not so far away


DISCOnnection; is a platform that brings together venue, producer, and audiences.


Audience Side

Our lives are divided into before and after January 2020. As a situation, Pandemic; has changed our point of view on time management, social lives, relationships, and maintaining our health. The purchased concert, festival tickets, travel plans, friends lists to meet were changed and canceled. instead of; It was created - a field of its own - owned after a long time. Personal development sources have become a friend of a person to get prepare themselves for a new individual. With the hours, days, and months spent at home, all the activities that the modern era city people would do to entertain themselves were exhausted. The weekends had been looking forward to having no meaning. It started to continue in the same way every day, one after the other. In this period; While experiencing the fear of illness or other emotions that the audience struggle with at their home, many birthdays and special days left themselves in history. While the periods that are said to be once in a lifetime were passing; the industry of entertainment was agonizing.

Venue- Producer Side

The nightlife and entertainment industry has come to the present day with great changes for more than a century. It offers seasonal and spatial diversity almost every day, mainly on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and nights. The first to be affected by the pandemic in January 2020; as a non-essential need; became entertainment venues. As the anniversary of the quarantine is coming and a systematic order has not been established for the venues, music producers, DJs, etc. The system continues as uncertain.


Music and the desire to come together now mean more than before. The healing effect of music and togetherness cannot be denied, as people who try to make music from their windows in quarantine. What will happen in the future and what awaits us are driven by speculative estimates...

By staying in a positive perspective; DIS-COnnection, emerging with the unifying power of separation over technology; is a platform that allows you to participate in parties organized by venues and producers in a VR environment, and organize your own party in its portfolio that also supports local DJs.



The user has to be select one button :

Would you like to join the party?

Would you like to organize a party?

Selection I

1.1 Would you like to join the party?

User; Would you like to join the party? After clicking the button, it can access the actual and future parties, their dates, DJ information, and ticket price on the same page.

1.1.2 The user clicks the buy ticket button on the page with the information of the party the user has chosen.

1.1.3 When the ticket is completed, on the relevant page: The join party button appears.

1.1.4 The participant clicking on the Join Party button is directed to the VR party page that takes place simultaneously.

User's party experience; The owner of the venue, who held the party, was planned by the producer.

Selection II

1.2 Would you like to organize the party?

User; Would you like to organize the party? By clicking the button, the user reaches the page with the existing party rooms and the maximum number of participants. In addition, this page also includes a direction with information from local producers.

1.2.2 The user after decided on the party format, environment, and music producer, DJ, etc is directed to the payment page.

1.2.3 The user who was directed to the payment page is given 2 options.

Pay all (Batch Payment ) - Share with your friends Pay all (Batch Payment)

The user pays the total amount by entering the card information and an event is set from the user account for the specified day. Share with friends A link is shared with the user. Users coming through the link can purchase tickets for the specified event.

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