Grocery allocation load lifter


Design an app to help logistic delivery and freight management in the sector of the grocery distribution


Nowadays due to rapid urbanization and overpopulation in major cities, the transport demands have exceeded the supply and capacity of the road networks available. Rapid urbanization and overpopulation mean more vehicles on the road. And this has led to constant and daily congestion of most of the major networks in cities. Therefore, the role of supply chain and logistics in the food and grocery retail sector, as well as last-mile delivery, is a highlight, and aiming at consolidating the delivery robots, grocery stores, and customers become more important when it comes to logistics delivery and freight management because most of the problems that last-mile delivery faces include damaged products, failed delivery, increased traffic congestion, and environmental pollution.


it includes five phases:

phase 1: users specify a delivery robot among several delivery robots company which provide last-mile service, just select the size of a shopping cart from small to medium-sized cart or robot, for instance: Amazon, Kiwibot, Eliport, Robby, Robomart,...

phase 2: When the cart is available, there will be a QR code in the Driods-Cart app that will enable you to easily sign in and begin using the cart then specifying a nearby grocery shopping store and choose one of them

phase 3: then start purchasing their descent goods by a list of updated items in the form of picture or video way

phase 4: after purchasing their payment is processed using the credit card on your Droids-Cart account

phase 5: by allowing them to skip the checkout line after your payment and to trace products every moment, can pick up their items when reaching the costumer's door


The project's aim is to help reduce the vehicles on the road, save personal time and help to decrease pollution emission elements and will encourage many companies, retailers, and logistics companies to start the use of delivery robots for delivering a package to the shopper’s door and revolutionize last-mail delivery.

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