Safely share your ideas

Create a safe environment for innovators collaborate with transparency.


Innovation became a trend topic for organizations and even cities in the past

decades, and the reason for that is that people understood its crucial role in the growth

and survival of any institution and society. In order to innovation to occur, a collective

creative process need to be successful. More than ever, with the exponential increase

of knowledge is very hard to solve complex problems individually, so finding ways to

enhance collaboration is crucial to create a innovative community. This project focused

on how technology can help solve the main challenges of collaboration: trust and connection.


To deal with this problem I chose Blockchain, that is a relative new technology

that been transforming P2P transactions in the last 10 years, and have as pillars decentralization and immutability. Based in this two characteristics I propose a transparent and

trusty platform for sharing ideas and connecting people, called Idea Flow. A user friendly

interface to storage the creative process in progress on an immutable decentralized

ledger. This solution achieve the objective of building a network of creative professionals,

organize the participation of individuals and guarantee the ownership of the data

generated in the process.


This network is focused in the creative professionals, that are people that work in differents knowledge-intensive industries, as managers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs,... People thaT want to use creativity to solve complex problems and need to collaborate with other in order to achieve their goals.


For more information the full work can be downloaded in the UPC Commons

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