The Challenge

Fighting social isolation and fragility


Loneliness is an endemic problem in the current population and, due to the socio-demographic trend, significant growth is expected in the future.

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases along with a sociodemographic trend towards aging are causing a deterioration in quality of life in the form of social isolation and fragility. This situation is becoming an endemic problem in the current population, causing an increase in the demand for both health and social care.


Preventive measures and projects are the best tool for dealing with these situations. In this sense, the coordination and sharing of data, of the different community agents (AP, City Council, ASPCAT, volunteers, community,…) are essential to have a good detection / identification of people suffering from social isolation. and fragility.


The solution

The Connect model consists of the following components:

  1. User Identification. Manage the “category” of patients made up of people at risk of social isolation and fragility (PASF), code CIM-10 Z60.2. Involvement of the different community agents in the detection.

  2. Community Assets Map. Identify and involve resources: volunteers, professionals, community resources, community agents, etc., making it easier for FSAPs to benefit from the most appropriate resource.

  3. PASF Database. Coordination between the different agents that can support the PASF, managing the diverse elements that take part in the process: Information, Resources, Prescription and Follow-up.

  4. Xarxa Connecta’t that links PASFs with the resources available in the community to cover the social integration needs of this population group

  5. Diffusion of the System. Use social media, municipal media, public events with the participation of the administration and other agents involved.

  6. System Evaluation. Monitor and evaluate the results of the actions


The Team

Manu Abella. Infermer. CASAP  

Alba Brugués. Infermera. Direcció adjunta CASAP 

Oscar Garcia. Metge de família CASAP

Jordi Gascón. Atenció al ciutadà CASAP

Ariadna Gea. Atenció al ciutadà CASAP

Vanessa Martinez. Treballadora social CASAP

Josep Mª Monguet. Enginyer UPC

Cristina Ruiz. Atenció al ciutadà CASAP

Àlex Trejo. Enginyer CEO Onsanity

Lorena Villa. Infernera CASAP 



Consens Delphi en Salut Comunitària. The consensus, in which both CASAP professionals and other agents participate, shows that there is a positive predisposition on the part of all groups, although nursing and administration stand out. The need for an innovative approach to focus on initiatives is highlighted Results


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