Emotional Direction

Is it possible to improve User Experience through design tools that evoke certain emotions?

Emotional Direction is the design system that provides you the tools to direct the emotions your product or service evokes. How can you make your users feel happy while using it? How can you make their experience more memorable? How do you apply it to anything you could design?


The main reason to control what your users will feel while using your product is that they will remember how they felt while they used it. Do you want them to remember how angry they felt while they used a toy that was supposed to be funny and provide happiness?

You need the tools to direct which emotion your product evokes!


We provide you the design tools that provoke certain emotions in the user. From joy to mystery: Emotional Direction provides 10 different tools, each of them will lead to a certain emotion. That means you will have the guide to provide 10 different emotions depending on how your user should feel or how you want them to feel. It's not only the aesthetics, but the way your user is allowed to interact or to show it off to the rest of the world.

Everything affects their experience!


Emotional Direction was specially creator for any creator, designer or anybody that needs to face the impact of their products in their customers. Do you want to learn how to manage the revolution of User Experience?

Join the emotional management and apply it to anything you can create


If you want to discover more, check my Miro! https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kjStfCQ=/

Contact: jose.luis.rosa@estudiantat.upc.edu

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