Reinventing Mental Health

Designing a new Psychotherapy tool that Improves the patient's User Experience


It is statistically accurate to say that the nowadays world has the worse mental health in many years. The reasons vary, but something that has definitely showed up this fact was the worsening of the global mental health during and after the massive lockdowns due to the fight against COVID-19. Leisure finally proved its close relationship with mental wellness and we are here to employ this incoming tool.


Taking advantage of the development of new technologies such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, we propose their usage in a complete and sensorial experience for the patient. This tool will allow the therapist to present the patient the concepts and knowledge in a visual and tangible way. A picture is worth a thousand words. The management of technologies and the application of semiotics will turn out to be an improved User Experience for the patient, as well as the contents of the therapies will sink in easily and quickly.


This project's main goal is to enhance and reinvent the mental health system, while aiming for a regenerative purpose in the average level of mental wellness globally. The Emotion Trips tool could be employed in many and diverse kinds of patients, but its usage stands out in cases of depression, anxiety and emotional instability.


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