Neither limitless nor powerless

Connecting Google glass to ongoing wheelchairs for improving impaired-mobility peoples' activities in society.


Since the lack of compatibility of routine life with current situation for disabled/impaired mobility people has caused some limitations and pities against impaired-mobility individuals; therefore, it should be worth to make them more involved in society with an applicable and affordable solution.


It would be tangible to create a transformable wheelchair in terms of shape (sitting position to stand-up and also walking) and function to facilitize impaired-mobility people's activities in society. Therefore, using electroencephalogram (EEG) signals and extracting it by Google glass from users' brain and convey it to wheelchair as an instruction, with this, for instance while user is thinking about stand up and grab something on the shelf, their unique signal will extract from his/her brain and it will be transferred to wheelchair which will transform from ordinary position to stand up position, then user condition would differ from sitting to standing.


As the main goal behind this concept is quite related to disabled people and the final product is schemed for this main core, hence, the exact focus will be on impaired/disabled mobility individuals with full consciousness, technophile, no age limitation and without human-body defect.


Link for the full process:

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