Sustainable Self-Service Mobile Health Clinics


Aegle, derived from the Greek (daughter of the sun, goddess of radiant good health), is a sustainable mobile health clinic that provides self-diagnosis services to members of underserved populations, supported by the state-of-the-art in mHealth and medical equipment, and powered entirely by

a photovoltaic system that represents a not pollutant and renewable source of electrical power.


Aegle acts as a liaison between clinical and community settings, tackling both medical and social determinants of health, confronting these issues on a community-wide level.


Aegle Mobile Health Clinics are equipped with self-service stations supported by an user-friendly interface and the stat

e-of-the-art in mHealth and medical equipment. With Aegle, users will be able to perform an auto-diagnosis, and if necessary be connected via satellite to a medical professional for further examination.

With Aegle Mobile Health Clinics we will be able to get healthcare to more people easier than before, solving the problematics that come with people in underserved populations not having access to technology, even in the form of smart phones and internet, or to an efficient healthcare system, meaning for most of them not even accessing prevention and detection health services.

Aegle has been designed in collaboration with top medical professionals, engineers and experts in the field of mHealth, positioning itself as the best alternative to tackle the health delivery challenge.

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