From reverse logistics to circular economy

How to achieve effective recycling by helping illegal trash pickers


The word recycling means to process materials that we would normally be thrown away into trash, and make new products out of them. We often throw away valuable metals, glass, paper, etc. without realizing that all those materials could be reused instead of filling-up landfills. Some of the valuable metals such as copper, aluminum, iron, steel, etc, can be very easily recycled and turned into profit. If you know which household products can be reused and recycled, you could easily sort them and make money while contributing to the improvement of our environment.

There's group of people that appear everywhere in Barcelona. They work under a extremely harsh environment, dedicate their energies to selecting, separating, transporting and selling recyclable materials and re-usable items from the rubbish. In fact, they might be defined as ‘miners of the city’, extracting recyclable materials and re-usable objects from among the urban solid waste, but unlike miners neither their work nor the value they add to the materials is recognised. In other words, while the copper in the hands of a miner is considered raw material, the copper in the hands of a chatarrero is part of the city’s waste. What if we could help those people, reduce the homeless, sickness, poor, undocumented, immigrants, unemployed, marginal, precarious, chaotic, dirty, etc. meanwhile we could achieve effective recycling and circular economy.


A circular economy aims at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. Reverse logistics services are designed to move goods from their point of consumption to an end point to capture value or properly dispose products and materials. Reverse logistics can help close the loop of product life cycles, and transition to a circular economy. Illegal trash picker play a major role in the process of reverse logistics. They deliver material in a green way which is less co2 emission, sorting on the source that reduce city cost, ect.

App: Domestic user could post material information when they abandon them in the container which could simplify their work process, Save the inconvenient of finding materials throughout the city.

Intelligent container: User scan the code on the container, choose the material that they gonna abandon. Trash picker could check the material information through the app. When the container get full will inform the formal company to take it away.

Repair Mall: where people could sell and buy refurbished products or rent or share with another users. Repair mall will offer class for users to learn repair knowledge. Repair mall will also offer job opportunity to illegal trash pickers to help them get a stable income.


Domestic users who don't know where to thrown their domestic materials, someone who want to help illegal trash pickers.

The illegal trash pickers and also government trash collector.

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