“CoLearning” Participatory innovation in primary care.


Participation is a key driver of innovation in primary care. The application of collective intelligence strategies based on digital tools promotes the involvement of professionals in practical innovation


The project has followed a participatory action-research methodology in which a methodology has been designed and validated to promote innovation, characterized by the application of participatory techniques.

The activities involved in the application of the methodology have been tested in 3 primary care centers that, despite being part of the same organization, have differences in their organizational cultures. The methodology has been implemented twice, the first by the group that created the methodology, and the second by a different group.


The Solution

The end result consists of the cost-effective methodology, called coLearning, of a participatory type, which makes intensive use of digital technologies, and which has been designed to involve and engage the entire collective of the organization in the prioritization of innovative initiatives and, the contribution to the work they involve.


Data collected during the research process confirm that participatory strategies based on digital tools are useful for promoting participatory culture and foster the alignment of the organization in innovation priorities.


The Team

Susana Gonzalez. Infermera

Álex Lascorz. Infermer

Mireia López. Infermera.

JMª Monguet. Enginyer. Professor de la UPC

Sandra Murguí. Metgesa de família.

Miquel Prats. Cap d’administració

Elisenda Sant. Metgesa de família

Lluïsa Serrat. Treballadora social.

Alex Trejo. Enginyer. CEO Onsanity

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