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Your APP to discover the endless possibilities of innovation in life and co-design your path to become a better innovator

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Innovation for all!!
We know that every innovation starts with one person. No innovation can occur if the people involved don't have the innovation mindset. So our mission is to help you develop this minset.
The innovation mindset is created with knowledge, experience and habits.
Skills level
Your core innovator traits 
About  your possible paths 
There are many types of innovators and we help you choose the one that fits you best.

We won't give you a label, you will decide your path
yourself with our resources
For the last 15 years, we have worked with hundreds of projects and developed some tools to facilitate the process of innovation. 
Now we are here to share.
There are many skills that help you to innovate, here we make an assessment and tell how to improve them
The combination of 3 selected tests to understand how you explore, think and act when solving a problem
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The Agent
Has the ability to communicate, and get supporters for the project
The Strategist
Sees the bigger picture and create plans to achieve the goals
The Producer
Is resilient and focused.
The producer is the engine of innovation.
The Pilot
Has the  ability to lead to achieve the goals of the innovation project
The Explorer
Is curious, explores new opportunities and generates many ideas 
The Technician
Is oriented by details and knowledge. The technician helps to find solutions 
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Courses designed for every need of your development. All the courses have
a hands-on approach.
A tool to help you create the habit of innovating with a schedule routine that is tailored to your needs
Tools and techniques to help you through the process. More than 50 resources tested in
real-life projects
We know, the ups and downs when innovating. So you'll have access to our pull of mentors who will help you through your journey.